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Covers on TVIST-OFF banks
  • Covers on TVIST-OFF banks

Covers on TVIST-OFF banks

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

We make a wide range of types of production:

Cover standard sizes - 38,43,48,51,53,58,63,66,70,82,89,100

Types of molding of a cover - RTO, RTS, RTB, RSB, FAO, FAB, FAS, FSB

The packing modes - pasteurization, sterilization, rigid sterilization

The cover is made from a high-quality German tin.

Covers have the declaration on compliance No. of the CU of BY/112 11.01. TP005 085 00031 from 16.11.2012 on 14. 11.2017, 25749-2005 are made in accordance with GOST

The line of varnishing of production allows to carry out continuous and selective varnishing of a tin. For varnishing paints and varnishes of the leading European and Russian producers are used (Hoba, PPG, Metlak, the Pigment).

The line of the press allows to apply the drawing of any complexity and color on a tin. By amount of colors the drawing can be both full-color (CMYK), and plashechny (Spot Color) on a fan of Pantone Matching System or on your samples. Let's help with development of design of a lithograph, selection of flowers.

Own laboratory exercises quality control of production.

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 23.02.2018

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